Experiment: Speed Dating Part I

My dearest friend M convinces me that accompanying him to a “speed dating” party will be fun. After some negotiation, he agrees to take me out to dinner beforehand. Since I can’t pass up free food, I decide I will make this a social experiment.

This video is the sign-up process, at M’s apartment. Notice the extra-rad saltwater aquarium. Loves it.

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more about “Speed Date Signup“, posted with vodpod


M: And take two. Whooossssssssssht. This is Holden. On the Mac Book Air. Signing up for–

Holden: HurryDate.

M: social experiments. Known as–

H: HurryDate dot com.

M: Speed Dating 101.

H: I’ll go on oodles of real-live dates all in one fun night out. All right.

M: It’s gonna be awesome.

H: Let it be known that I have a boyfriend, who I am in love with. This is an experiment.

M: But she’s lookin’ for an upgrade.

H: No I’m not! Okay, all right…

M: Fixin’ to mix it up in the bedroom?

H: Are you an…is this Wednesday, August 6, men and women ages 25 to 35?

M: Yeah, at Amante.

H: Okay.

M: It’s like two blocks from here, we’ll get dinner. Something.

H: Check in at 7. HurryDating begins at 7:30. Five dollar Three Olives vodka drinks.

M: Yeaah-ah.

H: Okay. Wow. All right. So where do I put in my…

M: Sex?

H: Do you have to become a member?

M: No, don’t do that. You could say RSVP…

H: Non-member RSVP?

M: Yeah.

H: That’s right?

Next up: Part II: Anticipation/Pre-Date


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7 Responses to “Experiment: Speed Dating Part I”

  1. Tony Says:

    “Lookin’ for an upgraaaaaade..”


    Perhaps a transcript of your part of the audio? Can barely hears you.

  2. sflovestory Says:

    Eeesh. Good point Tony. Will add audio transcript. This was my first foray into vlogging (Jesus, what a silly term that is)…and the video came straight from my P&S camera. Need to fire up that FCP ASAP dig.

  3. intiendes Says:

    I will be waiting for the part 2 :)

  4. tsfiles Says:

    You have a bf who you love but you’re doing speed dating?

    Yes, that makes a world of sense.

  5. georgiaonafasttrain Says:

    man i wanted to go speed dating once.

    my friends wouldn’t let me, and i missed the cut off.

  6. Kristan Says:

    At least, you have an “out” when your speed date shows up, having forgotten to remove his Hot Topic employee name badge: “Oh, I’m sorry. I just remembered; I’m in a serious relationship. Ack, you don’t mind still paying for that five-dollar olive fest, do you? Thanks.”

    Cute. Part deuce! Hurry, hurry. :)

  7. jon deal Says:

    This is awesome. Can’t wait to hear about the whole thing.

    I kind of want to try an experiment with eHarmony.

    Set up a profile and then have my wife of 19 years set up a profile and see if eHarmony throws us together. (And yes, I am a decrepit old man, having been married for 19 years)

    I’d totally do it, but, I’m kind of afraid she’d end up finding someone WAY better for her than me. :-]

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