My Sister Makes Me Cry Happy

Just when I think I can’t really take the whole “daylighting as a secretary” thing, I come home to find four packages from my sister. We own a start-up together, and have put pretty much all of our money into it, while holding down other jobs to keep ourselves afloat (we also have a handful of Angel Investors to thank). We’re not launching until next month (fingers crossed) and it’s been pretty scary lately.

So, my stars, I literally held back tears when I opened the presents:

  • Joystick love sweater via our dear friend[1] who has more clothes than she knows what to do with (unworn, with Saks tag still attached, damn fancy). Note attached: “H- Here is 1 w/ many more to follow…I needed a stuffer :) <3 N”
  • A bunch of blank DVDs (okay, they’re kind-of for work)
  • A totally strapless, backless adhesive bra-cup thing plus four packs of reusable pasties. Nancy is aware that I refuse to wear a bra, and that I don’t need to give everyone a nipple show every day it’s chilly. Card attached: “H- Packed especially for you! <3 N” with her “daylight job” business card inside in case I “need to reorder J”.
  • A CD marked “Just Because” which I haven’t even popped in yet, I’m so excited. No idea what it is.
  • Some marketing pieces for the inspiration board.
  • And finally, a card, labeled in purple highlighter…


I want you to know & remind you that you are a VIP :) I appreciate everything you do!! I know I have high expectations  of us but only because I know WE CAN!! I want to see you ROCK the virtual world for [The Business] & I’ll hold up the southern stompin’ ground. When you’re in doubt…hold up that chin & find that spark that exists between us both…& light it back up baby! The fear of the unknown is scary but soon it will be known! Translate & transform your fear into motivation ‘cause we need it all. I love you & love we are in this together! We are lucky girls & have been since we had our first biz “Seashells & Lemonade”[2]. I think of you as my little Harold with the Purple Crayon[3]…except I think you have a purple computer. :) DESIGN, BABY!!

Love, Nance

Yeah, so I pretty much lost it. You know when your heart is so lifted and happy that it almost feels like breaking? Nancy is the best business partner, the best boss, the best CEO, the best friend and the best sister anyone could ever hope to have. And now, I really am crying. Love love love.

[1] Nancy’s best friend in Dallas is an heiress. She is also one of the kindest souls I know.

[2] When we were kids, we’d save all the seashells we collected on our trips to the Caribbean and then sell them at our lemonade stand in the Chicago summers. Clearly, we understood how to differentiate ourselves in the market at a young age.

[3] One of the most magical children’s books ever. It’s about a little boy who does nothing but draw all over his room, the city, the sky with his one purple crayon. There’s all these children’s books out there now that purport to “teach” your kids this and that and increase their chances of, ya know, getting into Harvard, but this little book is one of the wisest I’ve ever known. Just the creativity of a kid, pure and unleashed without apology.


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4 Responses to “My Sister Makes Me Cry Happy”

  1. Derrick Says:

    I don’t have a sister, but if I did, I bet she’d only be half as cool as yours. I do have a brother. He’s just okay.

  2. Steven Sanders Says:


    Re: The daylighting frustration, I just wanted to encourage you to stick it out whatever happens. I worked in a library job I cared not for, not one bit, for 10+ years before I finally figured out how to make money doing what I wanted.

    So, be like a dog with a bone, and don’t let anyone or anything take what you want to do away from you. You’ll get there.

  3. moyawatson Says:

    my 4-year-old-girl lucy *loves* that book. i appreciate all the puns toward the end (“he came up thinking fast… he drew his bed…”)
    can’t wait to know about your startup!

  4. Jack H. Says:

    Sounds like awesomeness runs in the family! I’m excited to see your stuff when you launch. Very best of luck.

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