The Twitter Movie Experiment Thing

Countdown has begun. So, I got in touch with these guys who’ve been contracted by Current_[1] to make a spot about Twitter[2]. We emailed, we met, and on Tuesday, they’re coming over to my apartment (at seven a.m.) to follow me around for 12 hours and see how I incorporate Twitter into my life.

So, you have to love film-making:

  • I am only one of at least three people “featured” in this film. (Another is a guy who pretends to be someone else, which should be interesting, and another is Biz Stone[3] who created Twitter…if they can get him.)
  • The crew is spending 12 hours with me.
  • The final cut is supposed to be about 3 minutes long.
  • Seriously.

What I need to do is clean up my apartment, or at least put all the “naughty bits” away from Jack’s homecoming. Anyway, this should be an interesting adventure. I keep forgetting to ask them something though, when they’re following me, how am I supposed to keep from tweeting[4] shit like, “Cinematographer[5] and my dog aren’t getting along,” or “This is the weirdest thing ever”? I think they want it to be as non-meta as possible…but we’ll see.

Mostly, I hope I don’t look like an ass. I realize I’m a snob, but I try to not be a jerk.

[1] Which I wasn’t super familiar with, despite the fact that my friend worked for them. But it’s a “newsy” site with mostly viewer-generated content in the form of spots. And, to be frank, it’s pretty awesome.

[2] A picture of a whale.

[3] So, is that his real name, or what.

[4] What your post is called on Twitter.

[5] Cameraman? I don’t want to be rude. Has Emily Post written anything on this?


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2 Responses to “The Twitter Movie Experiment Thing”

  1. Victoria Marinelli Says:

    If you do not @- reply me at least once in the course of this adventure, I shall be terribly hurt.

    Eh, no I won’t… I’m just trying to be cute and at 2:33 AM EST, running out of cute. But hey, I finally got around to replying to my lovely blog commenters at least!

    Will set your tweets to SMS updates tomorrow so I can be all in-the-know and shit. Have fun with it!

  2. Tony Says:

    You are going to have such a bizarre, meta-meta day.

    We’d all love to see the 12 hours of footage too – maybe the Current folks will let you have it so you can edit your own vid later on?

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