My interest in fashion didn’t quite blossom until graduate school. I’d read all the girly magazines when I was young, the only one of which that was good in retrospect was the original Sassy. But I later learned it was bought out by a major media conglomerate and turned into yet another Teen or YM and finally died in 1994. Shame. It was Sassy that planted the seeds for my love of drag queens.
But those magazines, and the later Cosmos and Glamours aren’t really about fashion at all.

But I have to start with my love of print media because, through developing my eye for great design in college (Adbusters in particular), I found great magazines (Print, CMYK, I.D.)…and then turned into myself and starting figuring out my particular sense of style. I used to subscribe to American VOGUE, but after the 1990s, it just wasn’t worth it anymore. The celebrity focus was too much (if I want that, and sometimes I do, I’ll go straight to US or Hello!).

It wasn’t until I started modeling that I began to learn about the clothes. I peppered (or rather, doused) the designers fitting me about construction, color, composition, pattern-making, fabric, all of it. I started to study real fashion editorial photography. My current favorite fashion magazines are W, ICÔN(the Swiss one), Lula, VOGUE (Paris–j’adore Carine Roitfeld!–and L’uomo).. well that’s what comes to mind immediately. Oh, and of course, I subscribe electronically to The Sartorialist, which really is the best thermometer of true style in real-time.

I read Women’s Wear Daily, watched hundreds of videos from Spring/Summer and then Fall/Winter on the Fashion Week circuit. Walked in the mini-Fashion Week in San Francisco, and started seriously collecting. I developed tastes and my own rules.

Fashion now really is something of a minor religion to me. I admit, sometimes (or rather, often) what is perceived as fashion, and especially in the U.S., is poorly made garments with fantastic ad campaigns.
I have opinions, but their weighed out by my curiosity. Fashion is an artform that moves, and quickly. So I grow with it.

Sometimes I’m a snob about it, and sometimes I take joy in seeing people on the streets of San Francisco (or London, or Paris) who look absolutely stunning or fucking cool as all get out, and seem to have no idea.

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