Politics and Poetry

How is imagination related to reality?

Spicer doesn’t think poetry should include politics. If you want to write a letter to the editor, do that — no place in a poem.
– You won’t be successful anyway.
– Poetry can’t change the world
– Does not affect politics


What is the language of politics?
“Lower” than the language of poetics?

Can poetic languages be used in politics?
Can political language be used in poetry?

Spicer –> writing as advocacy

“Don’t sell out”
– Spicer didn’t copyright anything


Does consciousness take the place of imagination?
Does imagination take the place of consciousness?
Can’t imagination–based in a language of reality–enhance consciousness?

“The Progress of Euphamism”


Has grotesque become a synonym for detail? Visually? Literally?


The politics within the poetry world.


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