Tweet of the Day

Today’s (or Yesterday’s, depending on how you feel about exact accountability in the space-time continuum) Tweet of the day brought to you by @brittneyg via (of course) Twitter.

I have to say, I’m so glad Ms. Gilbert decided to share this new discovery. Mexican Coke is far, far superior to the Coke we get here in the U.S. Why? Simple. CANE SUGAR. Corn syrup sucks ass. Yuck. Don’t believe me? Go to your nearest Mexican Grocer and buy the bottles that say “Hecho en Mexico”. Do it. Now. It’s hot out today. You will become a Coca-Cola snob in one gulp. I thank my lucky stars that there are so many Mexican bodegas in SF. What else am I going to drink? Water?

Yet another reason a Day Without Mexicans would be a sad day, indeed. Viva Mexico!


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  1. Jack Says:

    I’ve seen Mexican Coca-Cola available at CostCo, too. It may be regional. but worth looking for, definitely.

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