No, Seriously

Most people call and say it’s too hot or it’s too cold, but it “smells fishy”? WTF? I asked her, “Like, actual fish?”
“Was someone eating fish?”
“Well, I don’t know that.”
“Okay, I’ll put in a work order.”
This is the shit I deal with as a secretary.

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4 Responses to “No, Seriously”

  1. Tony Says:

    On the plus side, now you have a little “Suzanne doesn’t like fish scents” nugget that you can mentally file away for future retribution purposes…

  2. sflovestory Says:

    How true. My evil laugh is bubbling up from my gut. Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    But related: Doesn’t Wells Fargo Bank by definition smell fishy?

  3. Nathan Bowers Says:

    Your maintenance person is SO gonna make this highest priority.

  4. sflovestory Says:

    UPDATE: Apprentice Engineer reported to me that he visited Fishy Smell Site and could not smell fish as hard as he smelled. He also reported that the Wells Fargo people will be having chicken for lunch tomorrow. I think that was a heads up for me.

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