My first introduction to cameras was the antique my grandmother gave me when I was a little girl (I’ve quite sadly since lost it, and don’t even remember what kind of camera it was). My father became a rather good landscape photographer through the years, but instead of giving me an SLR like he had, he thought I would prefer the sleek point and shoots, and then a digital point and shoot (which I did, being young and immature and wanting to look cool with the newest technology). I studied a bit of photography in high school…but didn’t develop a passion for cameras until I became a model.

It was during one of my first photoshoots (a fashion editorial with photographer Christina McNeill), that I saw a Hasselblad for the first time. I asked about it, and Christina (being the absolute dear that she is) showed me a few ropes.

Since then, I have two digital point and shoots, a film point and shoot, two Polaroids (one from the 80s and one from the 60s), and finally my first SLR, a film Canon Rebel II.

I love them all. One day, I’m getting a 5D. One day. Soon. And then a Leica. And then a Hasselblad.


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