5 Random Songs

Test: Put iTunes on shuffle and listen to first five songs that come up with Jack.


  1. Entire library of 3,695 songs are fair game for the shuffle.
  2. We must listen to each song (no matter how dorky, or embarrassing it is to me).
  3. We comment.


Song 1

“Sugar Lee” by Donny Hathaway

Holden: This song always puts me in a good mood.

Jack: I liked it. I can see why it puts you in a good mood.

Song 2

“Rocks Off” by the Rolling Stones

Holden: Makes me think of summer in Chicago.

Jack: That album [Exile on Main Street] is one of the greatest albums ever made. And it makes me think of creating a Top Five list of Bands I Wish I Could Have Seen. What year is that album from, do you know?

Holden: 1972

Jack: I like this. This is fun.

Song 3

“We Have All The Time in the World” by Louis Armstrong

Holden: I think it’s funny I have this song because the album it’s on is called “The Best of James Bond”.

Jack: This isn’t such a “James Bond” song, is it? Especially that riff. The trumpet riff, that is.

Holden: Well I like this song because it reminds me to slow down.

Jack lights Holden’s cigarette

Holden: It’s very 70s.

Song 4

Five on the Five” by The Raconteurs

Holden: This song makes me want to rock out. And there’s a cowbell!

Jack: More cowbell. Sorry for the obvious but it was necessary.

Holden kisses Jack on the cheek

Jack: I love breakdowns. I love breakdowns. I do love breakdowns.

Holden: Would you consider this song “rock n roll”?

Jack: Yes of course. It’s uptempo, it’s got a poppy drumbeat not poppy, the drums lift it up and the guitar smashes it down.

Holden: That’s a very professional-sounding assertion.

Jack: I wrote music reviews once. Maybe I’ll show ’em to you. Did you know that about me?

Holden: I was not aware of that.

Song 5

12 Variations pour piano en do majeur KV 265” Mozart

Jack: Is that French for Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?

Holden: This song reminds me of ballet class.

Jack: Mozart or Beethoven?

Holden: Mozart, no question. You?

Jack: I don’t know. But one of my favorite classical songs is Beethoven? From a “Band of Brothers” episode.

Jack relights his pipe

Jack: I think there’s nothing more satisfying than a perfect score to a movie.

Holden: What movie do you think has a perfect score?

Jack: Rushmore. Any of the Wes Anderson films. Who is that guy, Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo?

Holden: Yes.

Jack: And you?

Holden: The Red Shoes.

Jack: What about Amelie?

Holden: That’s a damn good score.

Jack: Is that the same cigarette? It went out?

Holden: Yeah, they do that because they don’t have gunpowder in them.

Jack: I love gunpowder. That’s one of my favorite green teas. But don’t oversteep it, it gets bitter.

Holden: This is a fun game.

They have decided to do 10 songs instead of just five.

Jack: You know I was in Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart.

Holden: Oh, rlly. This song is kind-of a review of lots of songs put into one. Where are your glasses?

Jack: In my backpack.

Holden puts on her reading glasses

Jack: Yeah, you’re the one who’s supposed to wear them when you’re on the computer.

Jack leaves, opens the fridge and finds ice cream.

Jack: Yesss.

Jack feeds Holden a spoonful. She feels special. They are fourteen minutes into the song, briefly discuss breaking rule #2 but decide to follow the rules “this time”. Holden is happy. She lights another cigarette. Jack begins having a discussion with her dog. He gets more ice cream and continues feeding Holden by the spoonful.

Song 6

“halfworld” by Splashdown

Holden: If it wasn’t for those damn rules I made, I would have skipped this song.

Jack: Skip it.

Song 7

“Guinnivere” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Holden: This song reminds me of when I went through my hippie phase in high school.

Jack: Did your dad listen to CSN&Y? Mine did.

Holden: Yeah…but I think this record was my mom’s.

Jack: My mom hated Neil Young. I never understood.

Holden: I never knew there was a…what do you call that “magic” shit with the pentagrams?

Jack: Black Magic? Wiccan? Free Masonry?

Holden: Are there pentagrams involved in Free Masonry?

Jack: That’s a good question. The Order of the Eastern Star, their main symbol is a pentagram? The Catholic Church tried to associate Free Masonry with devil worship, which of course is false.

Holden: I’m kinna done with this song.

Jack: Skip it, baby.

Song 8

“Loose Fit (12″ Oakenfold/Osborne remix)” by the Happy Mondays

Holden: This can’t be good. Ew, this is terrible. Why do I have this?

Jack: Don’t ask me.

Holden: We’re skipping. And I’m deleting this. It’s taking up hard-drive space.

Song 9

“In This Home on Ice” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Jack: How appropriate.

Holden: Why is it appropriate?

Jack: I listened to this album over and over and over when I was in Austria, and thought of you every time.

Holden blushes

Jack: There are some great lyrics in this song. Like that. “All that we have salvaged from the fire was a waste of time”. See this is opposite of a breakdown?

Holden: It’s a build-up?

Jack: No, it’s a…what do they call it–

Holden: A crescendo?

Jack: No.

Jack plays air-drums

Holden: This is a great song.

Jack: Such a good song. It just keeps going and gets better. I love how he pulls a “David Byrne” and his voice becomes an instrument.

Holden: I love David Byrne.

Jack: I’m really happy that song played.

Song 10

“You’re My Best Friend” by Queen

Holden: Damn, what was I just thinking? This is a great love song.

Jack: It makes me think of [REDACTED].

Holden: {REDACTED]?

Jack: Yeah, I went to high school with him. And it’s my 15-year reunion right now! I wonder if he’s there! Right now it’s happening! (laughs)

Holden: I don’t think I will go to any reunions. My generation has Facebook. My curiosities have been satisfied already.

Jack: What, I’m not in your generation?

Holden: Well, you are, but you’re too old for Facebook, kind-of. That’s the end of the game!

Jack: Too bad though! Come on! It’s Wesley Willis!

Holden: Okay, this is the bonus round.

Song 11

“Harmony Joy Bus Ride” by Wesley Willis

Jack: What are you favorite Wesley Willis lyrics?

Holden: Hmm. Maybe “Take this job and shove it!”

Jack: Mine is “I whopped Batman’s ass. I knocked him to the ground! He got up and knocked me to the ground!” Is that a Casio “sitar”?

Holden: I think so.

Jack: In the breakdown! What’s the sign-off gonna be in this song, I can’t remember.

Holden: I’m putting my money on Meineke.

Jack: I’m putting my money on “McDonalds! Breakfast of champions!”

Wesley Willis: “Ford!” something unitelligible

Jack: Well that was anticlimactic.


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