The best news from Fog City News: White Chocolate.

I swear I do not work for them.

“Shawn Askinosie’s creative juices are flowing and he’s just unveiled a new set of white chocolate bars. The story goes that, much like Scharffen Berger in their early years, he was producing strictly dark chocolate and customers had been requesting milk chocolate. But he looked around and said, hey, nobody’s doing white chocolate – why not try that? Ta da! Pressing the cocoa butter right there in his factory, Askinosie is now the first small-batch chocolate maker in the WORLD to do this. After pressing his San Jose Del Tambo Ecuadorian beans to create the cocoa butter, he combines it with goat’s milk powder and organic cane juice, and blends it in his 85-year old German melanguer. Thus it is one of just a handful of single origin white chocolates in the world. But aside from that aspect, this white chocolate has a whopping 34% cacao content (the FDA only requires that it be 20%). It is made with natural, non-deodorized, cocoa butter and we will be offering the salted pistachio version. It’s on the way – check in with us the middle of next week.”

Oh. My. God.

I want to, like, bathe in it.



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