A Day In The Life

Thursday. 3 July 2008.

5:30am – I wake up (too early) in Oakland at Jack‘s house. Had another swimming pool dream. Eat cereal, go back to bed.

8:00am – Jack wakes me. I shower and he makes coffee and we chat. It was so hot last night, I barely slept. But something was up with him last night. I can’t put my finger on it yet.

8:30am – On the BART back to the City. I see a girl with the most striking eyes, and the most perfectly applied kohl eyeliner. Beautiful. She catches me staring and I blush.

9:15am – Oh wow. There’s no fog here at all. It’s a gorgeous, cool SF day. I’m happy about this. Coffee and cigarettes. Make plans with Rykarda to stop by The Hive later today. She has my manuscript, which I need if I’m going to publish anything anytime soon.

9:45am – At my office dealing with health insurance. Dr. M alerts me that they’ve charged me a $1,000 deductible, which I already paid for in January. Fuckers. After a half hour on the phone, they’re going to “Look into it.” Mmmhmm. I make a note to call their asses again next week.

11:00am – Coffee and cigarettes. I get a phone message from Laurie she left last weekend. Dear Verizon, I pay you; you in turn give me my voice messages a minute or two after they’re recorded. Not 5 days later. Dig?

11:17am – I am so totally taking the cable car home from work today. It’s a cable car kind of day.

12:30pm – M. and I make plans to finish The Deep tonight.

1:00pm – I leave the office, smoke a cigarette, visit Adam at Fog City News. He has me try Marshall McGearty’s The Standard and I also buy two handmade bonbons. Now, with the lilies, I have too much to carry so I take the bus instead of the cable car home.

2:30pm – A particularly good therapy session. Recounted how pleased I am about Jack and M. meeting at Pride. They like each other, which shouldn’t be surprising, but it’s nevertheless relieving as they’re probably the two most important men in my life right now. Dr. M. and I talked about our New York Attitudes. My dad has one too. Thinking it’s a good day.

2:48pm – Jack calls. Our last-minute camping trip is canceled at the last minute. I still don’t know what’s up with him.

3:31pm – Nancy emails me. My calculations sent to our designer are wrong. Damn. I do a little fixing of things and then I take siesta.

5:00pm – Jack and I talked. He’s been preoccupied with a little more fallout from his divorce and his ex-wife. I think maybe baggage is only a bad thing if you leave it all zipped up and piled around your head. I’m proud of him for telling me what’s up. It’s not easy to be empathetic when it comes to matters regarding his ex, but they only separated in November, and the divorce was only final a couple of weeks ago. I trust him.

5:15pm – I take Prima and we walk up Russian Hill to the Hive. It’s a gorgeous day and I’ve brought my camera for the walk home. I notice how Rykarda looks even more beautiful without any makeup. We chat for a bit, she tells me about the afterparty there at 2:00am. I laugh. I can’t even remember the last time I stayed up so late. Even she admits she’ll probably be in bed by 2:30.

7:06pm – Nancy tells me that she just reviewed all of my modeling shots with our Ukrainian grandmother.

9:30pm – I realize I’ve received no less than six invitations to 4th of July parties. I probably will attend none.

9:50pm – At M.’s apartment. I decide I also have a crush on Lara Logan.


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