Things Worth Repeating (Out of Context)

On geography:

“Paris is what happens when you let artists, drunks and liberals run the show. In other words, the best fucking city ever.” -Rafael Torres

“Drove around St. Cloud a bit this morning. I won’t miss it too much, especially not the confederate flags and subtly named Koffee Kup Kafe.”Adam Koford

On social networking:

“The next time someone asks me ‘What’s Twitter?’ I’m going to say ‘It’s a photo of a whale.'” -Brian Shaler

On writing:

“I’m growing as a writer. I’ve realized that curse words have their proper place, like cake frosting. You cannot possibly ever have too much.” -Remiel

“Dear editorialists, The ‘As, well…’ Aborted Simile Joke is as tired and unfunny as, well, something tired and unfunny.” -Remiel

On productivity:

“Key to getting stuff done is not losing your shit.” -rands


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