Song For September (from the After Spicer Series)


A Translation for More Skinny

In the self-seriousness is yuck and protecting:

Messy decent

but confused fear unflappable smashing

THE SELF-SERIOUSNESS: Let’s tell the girls they may keep their fingers out of their mouths?

I: You are seated you are smooth. The concrete one, the way you feel in the sidewalk charming.

THE SELF-SERIOUSNESS: How if somebody satisfies me in the end, to leave this late.

Messy decent

but confused fear unflappable smashing

In order to go away to explore?

I: See if some hour is the main hour to trust.

THE SELF-SERIOUSNESS: Right, it could not be diminished.

Messy decent

but confused fear unflappable smashing

Why a prisoner military, my grandmother saved?

I: Our way of smooth.

THE SELF-SERIOUSNESS: The way that we reclined on a city?

I: The correct noise will travel close.

THE SELF-SERIOUSNESS: Yes, it is your true name.

I: All pressed to us. I never went to that house? The attempt, how

you can say to somebody one dirty protection, breaking. Who

can keep their fingers outside their mouths. Unrewarding and

modest, how pure and big a wound.

THE SELF-SERIOUSNESS: Imagination left a skeleton of turning your girl turning in the nakedness of the bare word. These attempts at invention.

Ruin perfectly good

dreams of escaping

These attempts at invention.


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