Listing your names will take

a big tree and it’s hard to meet

people in The City. So it was

super nice in our new bed with

thank-you note yes I know,

yeah take time what to be this

impetus and all your days

these days have been good. I am

un-broken and un-cursed in this

town where finally, finally the

spring comes, exceeding any kind

of spring we could think of.

Co-dominance is this situation

in which both individuals are

expressed so that the coat color

a mixture of blonde hairs and

brown hairs, show two banding

or a banding together. And see.

That’s what the textbooks in

experimental strategy say we

have our stratagems. Ones

not generally used by numbers

changing numbers or in common

pollinations. It’s okay to be

protective, a sheath of feather-

weight like a duvet surrounds

leaf bodies. It’s okay to let it

slip out of the mouth

coconut milk. We’re making

a library of light and heavy a

novel or two novels, one heavy

and one light, companion with

glue and suffix.

It’s okay to be early or a little

quick with the icing—we’ll catch

up when the history is reviewed.

The tulips I received can’t be

hung to dry, large and white

undershirts of almost on time


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