Best of Best of 2008 Part V: Arts and Entertainment

This is the sixth (and last) installment of My Best of the Best Of, where you get the lowdown on both the readers’ and editors’ picks in last week’s SF Weekly. See the introduction here.

Best Writer: Broke-Ass Stuart, a.k.a. Stuart Schuffman (Weekly readers)

Darling Stuies. When you asked for my help copy-editing your Ireland Lonely Planet guide, I was flattered. And now look at you. I’ve assisted the Best Writer in San Francisco. Okay, I’m piling it on thick, but Schuffman is a talented, and hilarious writer. None of us in college knew he had it in him, but I’m so proud. I’d recommend his famed Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide to Living Cheaply in San Francisco even if he wasn’t a friend. Because, well, it’s funny and tells you more about this small city than any tourist guide book, or even living here for a year would be able to do. Bravo.

Best Art Gallery: SFMOMA (Weekly readers)/ Fecal Face Dot Gallery (new), Southern Exposure Gallery (nomadic), Queen’s Nails Annex (rockin’) (Weekly editors)
Um, hello SFWeekly readers? The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is not a gallery. It’s a museum. Yikes.

As for FFDG, Southern Exposure and Queen’s Nails: excellent places to spend a bit of time. The only galleries in SF that aren’t so hot are the ones where the money is (Union Square). This is really where SoMa and The Mission shine.

Best Museum: SFMOMA (readers)
There ya go sports! However, I disagree. The de Young or Asian Art Museum are much better. What’s at the MOMA right now? Frida Kahlo? Snooze. Love her work and all, but it’s lost so much aura.. what with that movie thing and the Frida-Kahlo socks and neckties. Ew.

Best New Club: Yoshi’s (readers)
M. took me to see Crescent City Boogaloo in March. Love. The space, the food, the acoustics, the people. If you could smoke in there it’d be like old times. I think marijuana is “allowed”. Most definitely you must go.

Best Club DJ: Richie Panic (readers) *WARNING: Link goes to MySpace ::shudders::

Poor DJs. Their era of rockstardom is kinda done. Sure, there are hardcore followers, but when everyone became a DJ early in the decade, well, it became a lot more difficult to stand out. Now you have to really whore-out, settle for only the skankiest of club girls and make websites like this. See Richie? It could be worse. You could be “Where Fashion Lives” Donovan.

Best Jukebox: Zeitgeist (readers) / Lucky 13 (editors)

Aren’t these the same places? That’s what it seemed like when I was drinking.

Best Stripclub: Gold Club (readers) / The Lusty Lady Theatre (feminist peep show) (editors) *WARNING: both links probably NSFW
I don’t know how you can top the Lusty Lady. I mean, if you want the Gold Club, go to Vegas, they do it better there. But a cooperatively-owned “feminist peep show” without the cookie-cutter girls and plenty of.. well.. entertainment where the dancers make a minimum wage of $27/hr and have health benefits? Only in SF.

Best Blog: SFist (editors)
Agreed. I so have a crush on Brock. I wouldn’t even care if he was unattractive and wore bad shoes, or flip-flops even.

Best Street Fair: Folsom Street Fair

It’s the classic.

Best Gay Pride Event: Dyke March

Hey, that’s me! Thanks guys! I don’t support your athletic attire, but your sign-making skills are perfection.

Best Public Art: Art on Market Street’s Kiosk Poster Series (editors)

I’m a little surprised the editors went with such a “sanctioned” series, but I admit it was good. I usually go for the Blek Le Rat type stuff, but it’s nice to have good, wholesome design fun in the kiosks. Better than, you know, direct advertising. This was my personal favorite. If you click on it, you get the full size. Enjoy.



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