Guilty Pleasures

#7 Ka-Glom!
I have no excuse for this. I will sit, smoking and drinking mochas in the Financial District and play this game until I either beat one of my high scores or get frustrated enough to quit. All shrouded in the she’s-all-business visage of my BlackBerry. I’ve ignored many a call during play. Terrible.

#6 my point-and-shoot*

#5 Texas Hold’em
I’ll kill you. Er, I mean, I suck. See? You just can’t tell. Last time I played was in Vegas, and I walked away even (how boring, I know). In my wild, college, alcohol and drug addicted years, I actually dealt a backroom game in Santa Cruz. Fond memories. The great thing about being the Girl of the House is that you get tipped better and you can deal yourself in and take all the [insert infamous motorcycle gang name here] boys money and not get beat up. Brilliant.

#4 Nat Sherman’s MCD cigarettes
With all of my money either invested in The Business or used to pay rent in this gorgeous, yet ridiculously expensive city, I still insist on paying upwards of $7.50 a pack for these. I’m not merely addicted to nicotine, I’m addicted to fancy nicotine.

#3 eating cake
Often. Okay, whenever I can get it. Fine, nearly every single day.

* UPDATE: This post was originally written pre-BC (Broken Camera). Now that it’s no longer a regular “working” point-and-shoot, I think I can add Broken Camera to my list of non-guilty pleasures, because, you know, it’s more punk rock that way.


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