My Best of the Best Of Part I: People & Places

People & Places

Best Chef: Ben Paula at Sauce
Good job, readers. Sauce is (was?) definitely an underrated restaurant. The circuses are atrocious, but the food is delicious.

Most Fashionable: Roisin Isner & Peaches Christ
Okay, Peaches Christ I understand. She’s one of the best queens in the world. But that’s not really fashion, that’s iconoclastic. Drag queens aren’t even really supposed to be fashionable, they’re supposed to be tacky.

And Roisin Isner (who I’d never heard of)? So, she apparently had her index finger blown off by a firecracker last Independence Day and everyone was worried that she’d never be able to play the drums in her band, Tinkture, again. Thankfully, Ms. Isner recovered (still missing the finger) and can still rock out. Good for her. But fashionable? Unless being a drummer makes you automatically fashionable–perhaps there were a large number of drummer-voters this year–she is, well, not. I give her major badass points, and she is a pretty punk girl, but so not fashionable.

Who is? I’d start with SF Ballet prima ballerina Yuan Yuan Tan and her benefactor of sorts, Yurie Passcarella..

move on to style icon Joy Bianchi..

and throw in my most fashionable friend, Levi’s designer Kayo Mitsuyama (who also designs her own namesake label). There, much better.

Best Newscaster/Iconic Bay Area Newscaster: Dennis Richmond (R) /Dennis Richmond (W)
He rocked. We all agree.

Best Local Politician: Gavin Newsom (R)
Agreed. For the Gay Rights stuff alone.

Best Local Scandal: Newsom’s Affair (R) / The Tomato-Throwing Beau (W)
I’m going with the Weekly on this one. Newsom’s affair was scandalous, but really lacked the high-drama quotient of the Tomato Milieu. Newsom’s shit was more of a big fuckup than a scandal.

Best Neighborhood To Call Home: The Mission (R)
Oh really? The Mission might be the neighborhood with the most Weekly readers, and it’s a great place for curious boutiques and amazing murals and street art. But really, who wants to live there? It’s not even cheap anymore. Yes, I am biased and yes, the best neighborhood to call home in SF is Russian Hill for the following reasons: (1) proximity to, well, everything except The Mission; (2) highest per capital population of French ex-pats and francophiles; (3) reasonably quiet at 2:00am (which cannot be said of The Mission).

Best Weekend Getaway: Napa (R)
Meh. Overrated. I’m going with either Big Sur or the very underrated Bodega Bay.

Best Reason To Ditch Your Car: City Carshare (R)
Huh? How about the price of gas? Eco-friendly living? Lack of parking? The fabulous ass you get by walking the hills? Looking like an absolute treat on your new beach cruiser? Yeah, the car-share companies are great and all, but voting for one says, “I’m not going to ditch my car, I’m just going to use someone else’s.” Lame.

Best Place For A First Date: Baker Beach (R) / Fridays at the DeYoung (W)

Please gentlemen, do not take her to Baker Beach on a first date. It’s cold, there’s no food, and there are people everywhere. It’s a first date that says, “I’m cheap and I don’t care that you’re hungry or your feet are all sticky and sandy and won’t comfortably fit back in your stockings and heels.” If you must, please please tell her first that the beach is the plan so she can at least dress accordingly, or have time to think of an excuse to flake. Yay for Fridays at the DeYoung. Smashing choice.

Best Place To Get Hitched: City Hall (R)
Because it’s pretty.

Best Place To Walk The Dog: Dolores Park (R) / Bernal Heights Park (W)
Dolores Park? You don’t walk your dog there, you let it off-leash to run around you lazy ass. Dolores Park isn’t even that big. Bernal Heights Park is an improvement, but really the best “place” to walk your dog is just about anywhere in the City that starts with Point A and goes to Point B, with, you know, walking in between.

Best Park Named For A Poet Laureate: Ina Coolbrith Park (W)
Had to mention this because, though I’ve never been to this particular park (now on my list), I am an Ina Coobrith Memorial Scholar. And more people should know about her. Kerouac and Ginsberg were way cool, but I’m sick of the Beats, no?

Best Non-Beat Poet: George Tsongas (W)
Thank you Weekly, for that. But I can think of one (maybe two, depending on your Beat Timeline) Beat poet who’s even still living. So, you’re basically saying “Best Poet Who Isn’t Lawrence Ferlinghetti”. Classy.

Next up: Sports & Recreation


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  1. what? Says:

    a) Peaches Christ has her own personal costume designer, and never leaves the house without full makeup- if that’s not a commitment to being fashionable, what is?

    b) yeah Peaches is a queen, but isn’t winning the readers poll perfectly contextual for drag queen grandeur, irony, and kitsch?

    c) Roisin Isner is actually kind of a style icon, in the sense that she was featured in the style section of the chronicle before Best of SF 08 even happened.

    d) she’s also been on tons of street fashion blogs and 17 magazine.

    Seriously, who else is more appropriate to win most fashionable than a Tranny Superstar, and a prominent, amputee, drummer?

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