My Best Of The Best Of: Introduction

I think the beginning of summer in San Francisco is marked when the “Best of” issue of the SF Weekly comes out. Actually our real summer is an Indian summer that starts in September, my favorite month. Anyway, though we might be at 51F degrees, the Best of SF release marks the beginning of Street Fair Season.

This year, I’m offering up my humble opinion on the choices, and was motivated to do so by some (1) glaring omissions and (2) retarded reader voting. All in all, this will be a nice wrap up of how I see San Francisco in my Love Story.

There are four categories, People & Places, Sports & Recreation, Food & Drink and Arts & Entertainment. I only list the subcategories I care for, but you can pick up your very own copy of the Weekly before Wednesday (or see it all online). Winners voted by readers are followed by an (R). The Weekly’s own nominations are marked (W). Easy!

Let us commence.

First up: People & Places


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