Flattery Will Get You Everywhere (Usually)

Okay, so I’m not really blushing, but aw, how sweet. I still have a profile up on Match.com (this is how I met Jack, and for that matter, M.) because, well, I paid for six months dammit.. and.. um.. you never know?

Anyway, a young chap from Alameda just sent me this message:

Date received: May 28,2008
Subject: This is not…

…a clever attempt to get you to respond. Honest engine.

I’m not sure we’re the best match for each other. I’d hardly call myself stylish and I’ve largely been conditioned to keep my opinions to myself…BUT I was goddamned impressed by your profile. It’s clever and well-written and witty. That undersells it. It’s the best profile I’ve seen (though I haven’t seen that many). Your writing is brilliant and regardless of our compatability or lack thereof, you should be commended for it. I’m jealous and inspired all at the same time. Such a breath of fresh air from the “I like fun and friends and the outdoors and having a good time.”

Maybe we would get along famously and set the world on fire and I’m an idiot for not just responding like a regular person. I suppose that could be the case…but eff it, you deserve the compliments.

In case our paths never cross, good luck with your search!


Flattery! Yes! I do like to think I have the most well-written profile up there. If this was another time/space contiuum and (1) I wasn’t so in love, and (2) S. was cuter than his profile picture, and (3) would consider dating someone in Alameda, he might have had a chance. It’s all about those first letters, boys. Flatter, flatter, flatter. Also, how cute is the phrase “honest engine”? I’m stealing that.

Here’s to S., hoping he finds love post haste.


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