Your "Use" of Scare Quotes is Frightening

Yes, I am a Grammar Nazi. Not my fault. Blame my high school teachers for noticing my innate sense of English grammar–gained by, you know, reading–and making me actually teach their “mini-lessons” [sic] to the rest of the class. Real cool, no?
I’d like to think I’m a polite Grammar Nazi, however, and no, I don’t correct the spelling of others on internet forum posts or IMs (that would be tacky, see). Despite this restraint, the incorrect use of scare quotes freaking everywhere never ceases to amaze me. One would think there’d have been a wakeup call after the classic and widely, widely viewed Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley as Bennett Brauer.
(Apologies for the atrocious advertising on the video, but I couldn’t find it on YouTube.)

Didn’t happen.

Today I noticed on the MUNI bus this sign:
“WARNING”: Your picture and voice may be recorded.

I was damning myself for not having Broken Camera on my person to share this sign with you, and then, I get home and log into Twitter only to find out there is an entire “blog” devoted to these unsightly errors, right here amongst us on blogspot.*

I feel, so, vindicated.

So, who’s going to take the initiative and start a blog dedicated to the greengrocer’s apostrophe? Send me the link.

* Thanks @ev

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