My Camera Is Broked

My adorably amateur point and shoot camera is broken. The little view-screen-thingy on the back got smashed (I was pissed, especially because it was in its case!) and apparently, without that damn screen, you can’t control the camera. This is why I’m part Luddite.

Anyway, I figured out that the camera does, in fact, “work”.. sort-of. But it’s great! I have no idea what the image is going to look like, or how to set the ISO, flash or anything else, but the shutter clicks. When I upload the photos, they’re a total surprise. Wow, kind-of like, you know, film cameras.

So, I have made peace with the initially traumatic event. Now it’s all “accident” art, which I love. Below is “Self-Portrait Taken with Broken Camera No. 1”.


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