What’s In My Bag

They say you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her purse. Here is the second installment of What’s In My Bag. Enjoy.

Departure: My apartment, Russian Hill
Destination: (1) Dr. M‘s office in Cow Hollow, then (2) The Office, Financial District

The old Coach standby. I love it because it reminds of why Coach started making handbags in the first place: the love of the smell and feel of the worked-in leather of a baseball glove. Very American.


  • Starbucks coffee spill-blocker thingy. You stick it in the sip hole to keep your latte from bouncing around when you’re on the go. Yet another waste of precious resources, but I have been known to spill all over myself. Tossed.
  • Remnants from sleeping at Jack’s the other night: fingerless gloves made from grey opaque tights, soprano t-shirt, Agent Provocateur black panties. Laundry.
  • Heath bar wrapper. Tossed.
  • iPod.
  • Chanel tortoise-shell reading glasses (which I really need to be wearing more often, as I’m slowly becoming an old lady).
  • Mini Moleskine notebook.

  • Lighter, Nat Sherman MCD cigarettes.
  • Black pen, highlighter.

  • Packs of Chiclets (2).
  • Roll of film, used.

  • Coach makeup bag (bought before my Coach strike, which I may or may not explain later):
    • translucent mineral powder
    • rice blotting papers
    • Choward’s scented gum
    • Dior powder
    • Lifesavers (sweet mint)
  • o.b. tampons (2).
  • Miss Oops Pucker Protector lip gloss.
  • Small green comb.
  • Business card case & business cards.

  • MUNI Fast-Pass, BART tickets (2), debit card, cash.

What this says about me: I have a lot of gum for a girl who doesn’t really chew gum.


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