The Accidents

Pretty much officially broke. All of my money has gone into The Business, and my partner and I have to discontinue paying ourselves for at least two months. There is a prospective investor on the horizon, but I’ve learned the hard way not to bet on these things until the check clears. Entrepreneurship is delightful. I will now adopt my friend Stuart’s slogan, “Young, Broke & Beautiful” since it’s a convenient way of making my empty cabinets slightly more appealing, egoiste, non?

I’m feeling selfish which means I should probably do something very sweet for someone else. Mr. Amadeus has been kind and generous enough to invest in our upcoming project (and a few espressos for me). Speaking of the photographer…our meeting was magnifique, though he called me out on my lackluster French skills. He hails from the northern area of Belgium, and is fluent. It’s true I can read and write en francais, but the aural conversation is stilted. My nerves get in the way. When I was a drunk, conversing came more easily (I was also studying then).. yet I’m not trading lack of hangovers for better skills, especially when I can have both. So there.

The photograph above is a snap from Mr. Amadeus, who (quite interestingly enough) was at the same accident scene I described recently, which shook me a bit as I left my apartment building that day. Small City. The way the street arrow happens to be pointing out the flipped car is, well, lucky. Accidental art (?) By the way, Amadeus is both real and fake.

I’m dining with M. and his friend Stephen this evening. Stephen has decided not to drink anymore but has no idea what to do with his life, daily. I laugh at myself now. Without hiding out in bars and lounges, the world opens up rather widely.. yet it takes some time to figure this out, so I am empathetic.

I’ve spoken to my father twice now in the last two weeks, which is heartening.

I’ll leave this room to itself.*

* Thanks, Graham.


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