What should I do w/ our life, how should we spend our time?
There are people who pretend they can be star-brokers but we own them all/none. I’m not against prayer. Esp. when we pray together. I don’t know how many things are better than a single piano moved by somebody who knows how. Kissed often. (In real life) In real life men talk about business. Women crinkle men. In the Van Ness Ave. genie 10 a.m. Which is also Hwy 101 I listen to music for tango. Pass the Great Seal of the State of CA. The War Memorial Opera House. Opera for wars, in memoriam. I want all the old love. We’re wearing sweaters on this May Day. I see you! And I hope, I hope. I won’t give you everything. Daily Approx 6am – 1am Glass only. Clinking music. South. I thought I always wanted to go the B&W Ball — but afraid they’d know I was faking it. The Chronicle headline this a.m. is “Choosing A Future” (no joke) — it’s now Edith Piaf. Mon courage joyeux, célèbre. I can’t refuse the Red Shoes but I can’t promise I won’t die wearing them. Maybe it will be at this Underground station & we’ll be frozen here, mid-step like papier-mâché ou papier de tournesol memes of ourselves. I think of you & these things, for all the boys named Jack, as I prepare for a situation at my desk.


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