Notes (The First Thinking of Poets)

I need you as I’m making my way home — This is a deep upbeat w/ a singalong chorus — Play your guitar boy (like how Wendy says “boy”) — The Peter Pan islands — If you can’t play for me — I’ll be dreaming (in yr. dreams) while you’re playing. Le Fableaux Destin — a chorus choir of violas. Now any music I feel deeply I think of you.
How I find myself saying completely different things about the same people depending on the company.
watching a newly blind woman learn to use her cane — how we really are able to
& how we help each other
the trajectory
predicting Nina Simone‘s voice
after the revolution
the memorial
opera house
whose little girl am I.
How we both separately noticed the joy of the calligraphic man on his train car. how his hand must have been working synchronistically with the rumbling machinery of moving along the tracks. How if yr listening to the right music, everyone on the train looks worthwhile. I’m finally beginning to realize you just can’t prepare for a rogue wave — or the sight of a real torch flare when you’re in no position to help.


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