Design Matters, But So Does (Red) Lip-Service

I ran into Isabella downtown this afternoon. She looks absolutely stunning, I should have photographed her. Gorgeous red lipstick, which shouldn’t be surprising since she works for a very well-known cosmetics company, but I digress.

We talked about upcoming parties and I asked if she was going to SOMA Magazine‘s Travel Issue release affair at Temple this Thursday. I hadn’t RSVP’d yet, but was thinking I’d stop by, and of course, bring Jack (if for no other reason than to dazzle him a bit). Well, no way was Isabella going because apparently editor-in-chief Ali Ghanbarian is one class act. She’d done some pro bono work for him and was nonplussed.

To be fair, I have not met Ghanbarian, not to mention that I expect EICs to have at least a slight superiority complex. Monsieur G. was described long-ago, and kindly (? — you never know with New Yorkers) in the New York Times as “gregarious”, and not-so-kindly as a “bizarre” conversationalist by Jim Kastleman, PaperCity publisher (as reported in the Chronicle).

We could all dig up some more dirt on the guy, but I cannot get Isabella’s expression out of my head when she simply said, “He’s a real asshole.”

In more than a few years of friendship with this charming, humble and kind (and no-joke-knockout) girl, I’ve never heard her swear. I, of course, burst out laughing.

So, let it be known that I will be attending Donovan‘s* “Sex in the City” soirée at Slide Thursday evening instead. Because that’s “where the beautiful people are” or whatever be his latest slogan.

Agreed, the crowd will be tackier at Slide. And I still love the magazine. The asshole knows good design.

* More on this one later.


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