Right In The Head

I originally wrote this in French, but I’ve translated it here..

It occurs to me that I don’t know the day, after the weekend. To write in French in the day and to listen to music (a present from Jack). The train — it is full of people of commuting — despite the hour (9.00). When I was young.. how young?

Young in San Francisco. I don’t think I forgot where I “came from”. I am right in the head and I don’t want to hurt anyone.

The song says, “And if he has to wrong someone”

The man sitting to my left, he is perfect. His suit is black, his tie is red, he is American. I think that I don’t want to work today. I keep thinking about the suicide, the death in Union Square and I wish I’d been there.

Nanoparticles’ effect on environment studied [from the perfect man’s newspaper] The piano music forces me to feel very present and very connected to all of the people on the traincar. I wonder if I will always mix French with English.

One thing happened to me in college — and I’m not sure if it was b/c of college of in spite of it — but I learned to really see and pay attention to my own sight — to make a view of art out of a view of some things I saw. The texture of rotting cardboard wet on the pavement or people walking to their offices or a building up against the sky. Things I could make again. Recreate later in an edited way.


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