How to Get a Man to Ditch His Date For You

I am still in love with M. Which is certainly fine, as I like to have boyfriends I love.

IM correspondence from a few minutes ago, M is in bleu…with annotation in…violet!:

me: Hello M.

M: hi!
me: What are you up to tonight?
M: not sure supposed to get drinks with my friend staci in a little bit but not sure how long we’re hanging out tu?
Translation: I have a date, but I don’t think I’m going to have sex.
me: want to hook up later?
I cannot believe I used these words. Ick. Oh well.
M: possibilement ..what did you have in mind?
We speak in broken French. One of the reasons I love him.
me: I’m up for anything…but I have a good movie (The Dreamers)…Or I could go out.
M: hmmm ..the issue i’m having is ..oh nevermind its not an issue ..well i don’t know what staci has in mind either so i don’t know what time…
Yeah. Okay. I’m onto him.
Is staci a “friend” or a friend, lol
Also, the poor girl’s parents are fools. Staci with an “i”? Dear me.
M: she’s a friend but i suspect she may be intersted in being “friends” not really sure
Of course she is. M. is very sexy.
Oooooh…Are you interested in being “friends”?
I encourage his sexual escapades. Which is one of the reasons he loves me.
not really sure you must think i’m a terrible stereotypical anti-commitment guy i swear i’m not
me: What makes you think I would think that?
M: ever since my last “serious” relationship ..with girls i’m nevver sure what i want

The last serious relationship M. had was not with me. We were petits amis. However, the last relationship left him a little confused because his girlfriend cheated on him. She also smoked too much pot and there were drunken fights, etc. Baggage.

But we. Were. Lovely.


Oh, darling…it hasn’t even been that long. Not even a year?

M: no’s been over a year.. 1.5 about
me: You don’t need to know what you want. You’ll just know it when you have it I think.
Mike: that’s what i think ..but in the mean time is it wrong to want …
I am an idiot for interrupting:
me: I do think you’re flaky though.
M: SEE! i knew it
me: That’s just in regards to me. As in tonight.
M: well you have to understand the circumstances i’m not being flaky
me: You’d do a lot better just being straightforward. Remember me?
M: if we made plans earlier then you coulcd say i’m being flaky i am being straightforward hold on i’m calling you
Sent at 6:24 PM on Friday
* * *

So he calls and proceeds to tell me that he does not want to go out with this girl and would rather spend time with me. Which I think is wonderful. Except, being as smart a girl as I am, I tell him he at least needs to honor the date.

I suspect I’ll be going out in about 2.5 hours. Which is brilliant, because that’s how long it’s going to take for me to nap, put my laundry in the drying, eat something and get dressed.

I am pleased.

*NOTE: I will also be a good girl tonight because I have pledged sex only to Jack.


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