French Tuesdays at ROE

I took Jack to French Tuesdays for the first time. This week, it was held at ROE, which is a nice club, except that the downstairs area and upstairs area might as well be two separate clubs, as it’s difficult to travel between the two.

It wasn’t the best FT…the bartenders (upstairs at least) were too slow. They’d have done well hiring cocktail waitresses because the lounges were lovely and once you were in your lounge, you really didn’t want to leave and wade through the dancers to the mob at the bar to get a drink.

Everyone looked polished and demure and quite lovely. Jack of course, was brilliant. Well, everyone except for the people who thought putting LED lights in their cocktails made them special (pictured below).

It made them look tacky. Sometimes the (small, but present) eurotrash element of FT can provide a few minutes of entertainment.


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