Love Letters

Dear Charles,

I’m home in SF and now really starting to miss you. Dreamed of you last night. We were sitting on a sofa perpendicular to one with your parents on it and your mother asked what was going on. We thought you were sleeping and I told her how much I loved you and that I wanted to keep together. She was crying and seemed happy, but I reminded her that it was up to you, too. You woke and said you felt the same way.

I’m afraid. This is why I start with letters to at least get my thoughts down coherently. Not taking the path of least resistance has stuck with me, but of course there are doubts. I read a biography of Zelda Fitzgerald while I was in Nantucket and it was uncanny how similar I felt the is our relationship to theirs. Though, she never really recovered from her mental illness and I am in better shape.

Your Girl


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