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My heart is beating irregularly but I’m working / calling designers re: dresses for parties.

Thinking about these words: deb.. djin (genie or familiar spirits).. istle (fiber, cordage nets carpets).. ohia (Hawai’ian plant/tree thing).. oi.. pa.. pi.. qi (life force).. re.. solum (dirt, ground, soil).. luny.. tarry (tar).. vie.. Vie Parisienne.. vox (vox pop)

I’ve got a while shitload of work to finish before this business trip.

How I Travel For a Week of Work in Nantucket

In my bag:

  1. sweaters (3)
  2. jeans (2) Dietrich and Paper Denim & Cloth
  3. sweatpants (2)
  4. sweatshirt
  5. black cashmere turtlenecks (3)
  6. shawl knit by my grandmother
  7. panties (10)
  8. opaque tights
  9. cotton socks (5)
  10. Miu Miu riding boots
  11. laptop, iPod, point & shoot camera, label maker
  12. scented candles (4) Ergo & Anthropologie
  13. Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood”
  14. correspondence cards

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