My Father is Dying

Largely from despair — an estrangement without art?

what would be more free than not knowing what the hell is going on.

– issue of control
how much
how out-of-control

the ideas hanging over the pieces as being about control


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art as religion
interest in the craft
interest in the trade

normal linguistic function (prose) seeks to define dimensions to name it is to tame it


tulle tulip air men plane
tower flower sun space interior

design white black egg water

bowl water fish gold eye fail
tail fur
fur Arbus girl strange dark
Alice floor parque blue sky
cloud smoke cigarette cool


Is Spicer trying to build this system of values?

changing modern the art as a post-modern concept

ethics, belief system of one person of a people

codes of behavior

the art as a display of faith

They’re not really your
photographs & you shouldn’t
be proud of them.

someone I don’t are you actually transition

Biography — Poet be Like Gold


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