I Believe in Creative Commons

I really don’t see why artists, especially photographers get so freaked out by the notion that their work might be “stolen” (esp. off the Internet) but even in idea & they put terrible, ugly watermarks over the image — which then becomes part of the image, even though we are supposed to imagine the image w/o it.

Watermarks are for checks & currency & art is not and should not be currency & if it is then it’s automatically no longer art (?)

If an image is stolen & used or changed then I think that’s a pretty good indication that it was not a very good image. Or it wasn’t good enough.

Copyright laws are BS. If there is such an aura to an image, then print one & that’s that.

Watermark as graffiti? The big bold I.

Inherently works against art. Look at me the name flashing (and annoying).



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