Pornography, Feminism & Radios

Location: Sutter Street, Downtown

This morning I discovered Charles’ bookmarked porn sites. So I changed the links so when he clicked them he went to, and other feminist websites.


If the poet is like a radio receiving msgs — who is listening to what frequency is it tuned?
Is the poet in charge of either of these?

“the big skywriters in the sky” (4).

if I were a carpenter
he is a carpenter
finish carpenter

the difference b/t a radio & a car radio

Since I was very young I from time to time have spoken in an unknown (except to me?) lang. Once my mom said it sounded like I was speaking in tongues, but I didn’t know what that meant [except she said it was the lang. of the Devil] & I had no intellectual connexn. to “God” so it wasn’t tongues. I was just faking a language b/c I felt like it. I wasn’t trying to communicate w/ anyone but myself. And I’m 25 now, and I still do it. Just to hear the sounds? To comfort myself? The “language” sounds sometimes like Ukrainian…


Name of photographer who took image of sunburned girl in gallery on Sutter.



Series Idea – Women’s hair


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