On "Punctuation Marks"

Punctuation marks

written music
does it lend itself better to “artful” language than “ruled” language

dogmatization of the content
– scare quotes I love them. Probably too much.

the serial comma

I bought an apple, a loaf of bread, and some milk. In journalism (Chicago Manual) the last comma is taken out. Have to reserve all the space for more more more copy

The Book

reading from “cover to cover”
poetry – it’s easier to flip open to a random page


Where does poetry “go” when there are all these signs we becomes used to seeing and no longer think about the words?

photographs jxtpsd
with words
collection of things
for art

Archive No. 1
“Collected Words”
– poems

– quotations

– notes
– notebooks

Archive No. 2
“Collection of Images”
– electronic photographs
– sections of photographs
– “model inspiration”

Poetry is the place where you deviate from activity.
Deviate = Celebrate
Not just Tuesday but Xmas.

Archive No. 3
” Collection of objects”
–> What about useful things?

– pieces for art/collage
-decorative items
in my apt.
– books
– Vogues
There is going to be overlap among the archives.
Create an index
Mix them
Sew together on a canvas book
Translation of somethings into other things (e.g. a photograph of a book)
“Level” the importance of each thing archived – they are equally important

– Find the artwork “Evidence” — was/is in SFMOMA

+ Directions: to see the letter, scrape of the paint around the edges holding the protective cover to the canvas (as an envelope of a letter)
+ Once it’s uncovered, it can’t really e re-covered (by anyone but me)
+ 2nd direction, then safety pin the letter to the canvas (now its been opened like Pandora’s box so we might as well let it all hang out for everyone to see
+ The act of archeology

Uncover –> archive


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