Prima is my little black dog. She has one ear that sticks up and one ear that flops down.

I adopted her from Pets Unlimited three years ago. She had ended up in the shelter because she was hit by a car. The SPCA picked her up, but couldn’t afford to give her the major surgery she needed. Still, they thought she was too cute to die. So, lucky for us, Pets Unlimited saved her. I still cannot believe she survived.

When we met she was all banged up with lots of stitches and wearing a med collar. She was very skinny, but I fell in love.

I don’t know what breeds she is, but maybe Dachshund, Black Lab, Chihuahua, and some kind of terrier? Sometimes I dress her up as a bat, because she looks like a bat and she runs like a bat out of hell, which scares my neighbors in the building, but then they get embarrassed because who could be afraid of such a little cute dog?


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