This list includes boyfriends who I love or have loved. Sometimes the relationships were traditional, more often not so. I do not include any of the women I have loved here.

  • Aaron
    • my first love
    • our relationship lasted 3 years
  • Dick
    • we fell in love in Paris
    • relationship lasted 2 or 3 years
  • Tomas
    • a deep, emotional friendship in college
    • he dropped out our second year to join the Marines. It was pre-September 11th and I was the only one of his friends who encouraged his choice. The last I heard, he was in Osaka
  • Bryant
    • initially a brief, nonmonogamous affair between poets
    • we recently fell in love again, though he lives in San Diego
    • I will also love him, and his work, and our work together
  • The Drunk
    • I was screwed up, he was slightly more screwed up
    • I stayed for 3 years, until he beat me and was subsequently arrested
  • Charles
    • My best friend through college and graduate school
    • Our on again, off again relationship lasted about 6 years
  • J.D.
    • First a boyfriend, then a stalker
  • The DA
    • A date, another date, a few more
  • Mr. Yacht
    • One date with a billionaire
  • Monsieur
    • A past lover, now a dear friend
  • Jack
    • My current love
    • My love of loves

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