In the wise words of Lisa Turtle on “Saved By the Bell”, “What is art? Is art art?” Hell yeah! Seriously, I’m not sure how to glossify this tag so I’ll attempt the ever-popular bulleted list method:

  • I like that it’s around.
  • I like to make it.
  • I like to have opinions about it.
  • Art pretty much takes up the whole of my though-processes.
    • When I think about politics, I think about art.
    • When I ride the MUNI bus, I think about art.
    • When I’m in the shower, I’m thinking about art.
    • When I’m being trained on how to use the new phone system in my office, I’m thinking about art.
    • ad nauseum
  • If I can’t make art, I’m a dead girl.


  • Adobe Creative Suite 3
  • The Berlin Biennial
  • The Caribbean
  • The deYoung Museum
  • Dirty magazines
  • Dreams
  • Edith Piaf
  • “Key Concepts in Cultural Theory”
  • “Leave the Room to Itself”
  • “Le Ton beau de Marot: In Praise of the Music of Language”
  • “Minima Moralia”
  • My cameras
  • “The New Priceton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics”
  • “The Oxford English Dictionary” (a.k.a. The OED)
  • “The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols”
  • Public transportation
  • San Francisco
  • Spray paint

Aw, fuck it. It’s just everything.


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